Easy fix with Isiflo Flexi

Two weeks ago a huge sink hole appeared in the streets of Madrid. The sink hole messured 8 meters in length and was 2 meters deep. A pipe break was the source of the sink hole, and work to repair the pipes was set in motion.

The repair

To repair the pipe break a quick but long term solution was needed, and what better way to repair the leak than to use Isiflo products, right?

Laura De La Cruz from Standard Hidraulica (Isiflo distributor in Spain) said this about the incident: "We used two flexi-adapter accessories DN63 and a socket that we previously have jointed in production, the break was quickly fixed. They are already working in change the normative to use push-in and compression fittings in gas installations. So, we will be able to sell the accessories for gas soon. We are really happy!".

..the break was quickly fixed. ..We are really happy!

You can see our range of Flexi products here! At Isiflo we love stories about how our products can make a difference in everyday life. If you have a good story about how our products helped you please contact us via the contact form or on facebook!

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